Treasury of Salesman Lore Debuting Early December

As a long-time Chicago-area marketing and public relations executive I’m introducing my second book on America’s traveling salesmen and saleswomen, THE SOULFUL SALESMAN. Perhaps the most comprehensive and entertaining treasury of salesman lore ever published, the book provides the best of the best of American salesman humor, advice, and stories.
Available for purchase, beginning Dec 8, through, and other national, local and Internet retail outlets, my “Soulful Salesman” offers timeless advice and counsel from nearly 200 different figures. The book also features dozens of stories, anecdotes, jokes, riddles, definitions, and one-liners, spanning two centuries of Americana.
The Soulful Salesman includes personal essays that tap into my personal experience with successful salespeople with whom I worked when a communication executive with two Chicago-area national associations serving the sales professional – the Million Dollar Round Table and the REALTORS’s affiliate, The Institute of Real Estate Management.
The real message of the book is that everyman and everywoman can or should follow the effective sales practices developed by America’s traveling salesmen. I trust their stories and advice may inspire readers to make their own sales, whatever, wherever, and whenever they may be.