Salesmen one-liners

“I’d like to say that our sales departments has had the best year in its history. Wow, would I like to say that!”

“A good salesman can convince his wife that ‘polyester’ is the generic name for mink.”

“My brother, the salesman, was put on a starting salary recently. Unfortunately, the salary started but he didn’t.”

“He’s a great salesman. During the day he sold pension plans to kamikaze pilots!”

“One salesman said that he’d gotten three orders that week — get out, stay out, and don’t come back!”

“We just got a painting of our sales department. It’s a still life.”

“My brother is an independent salesman. He takes orders from no one.”

“Salesmanship is the fine art of getting your customers to pass the buck.”

“I lose a little on each sale, but I make up for it in volume.”