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AuthorPhoRonald D. Solberg grew up as the son of a Fuller Brush man. He went on to become a door-to-door salesman, himself, working his way through college by selling brushes, brooms, and waxes during the summer months on the sidewalks and roads of Southern Minnesota. After graduating from his home town’s University of Minnesota at Mankato, magna cum laude, in 1962, Ron became an English and journalism teacher. However, the salesman bug remained firmly planted within him as he switched careers, moving into Chicago-area PR and advertising positions. Coincidentally, two of the associations – the Million Dollar Round Table and Institute of Real Estate Management – brought him into contact with the world’s most successful salesmen. Most recently, after completing his first book on the history of America’s traveling salesman — The Whizbangs of Oohs and Ahs — he was recruited by the Illinois Humanities Council to serve with the organization’s Road Scholar speaker’s bureau program for a two-year stint to speak about his favorite topic — the traveling salesman.

Solberg is available as a speaker for both small and large groups — one-hour presentations with Q’s & A’s, educational lectures, as well as half-day workshops.  As his programs may be educational, inspirational, or entertaining, they are geared for audiences of all types and persuasions. Over the years he has spoken to literally hundreds of groups nationwide – colleges, senior and community groups, libraries, associations, and professional organizations. Speaking fees are negotiable and will vary with the occasion’s format and the time and travel involved to attend and present the program. For further background on Solberg’s program, see the HUMANITIES magazine interview that followed the publication of his first book http://www.neh.gov/humanities/2011/novemberdecember/statement/traveling-man.  If you wish to speak with Solberg about a potential speaking engagement, you may do so by using the “contact” link on this website or by emailing him directly at Solbergeasycom@aol.com.


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