A most remarkable sale

The following story was told to me by one of the Million Dollar Round Table members when I was communications manager for the association, honoring the most successful life insurance salesmen and saleswomen in the world. — Ron Solberg

A very unusual and most remarkable insurance sales occurred in the mid-1970’s high up in the Colorado Rockies.

An insurance agent and his wife were in a long line to board a tram that would carry them from one ski slope to another. Just before they boarded, the agent’s wife pulled him from the line, as she needed to adjust a ski boot. They eventually got back in line and boarded the next available cable car. As they began their trip across the canyon, a single-engine airplane, flying low between the Colorado mountain peaks clipped the cable carrying the cars. The cars ahead of the agent and his wife were catapulted into the canyon, killing their occupants. However the agent’s car was stuck between peaks and left dangling precariously above the valley below. While stranded in the tram, and prior to eventual rescue, the agent used the opportunity to sell a life insurance policy or two to the car’s other occupants.

Sevenfold Restitution — An Anecdote

The 1890’s Washington County Post says that a man in a certain village, having had sanded sugar sold to him, inserted in the weekly paper the following: “Notice – I bought of a grocer in this village a quantity of sugar, from which I obtained one pound of sand. If the rascal who cheated me will send to my address seven pounds of good sugar (Scripture measure of restitution), I will be satisfied; if not, I shall expose him.”

On the following day nine seven-pound packages of sugar were left at his residence from as many different dealers, each supposing himself the one intended.